December 11, 2023

Knowing how to prepare for a job interview is critical to your success in the job search process. One of the most important parts of preparing is the 24 hours before the actual interview. How you spend your last 24 hours can greatly affect how you do in an interview.

A job interview isn’t like taking a test in school because you can’t cram at the last minute and “get away with it”. You should have been preparing for the interview for days or weeks. The 24 hours before the interview should be one of final preparation and relaxation.

With that in mind, here are some tips on how to take advantage of the day before your interview:

Do it yourself the day before the interview (if you can)

Young professionals need some time to relax the day before an interview

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If you have personal time that you can devote to your current job without too many distractions, you should consider taking a day off before the interview. The beauty of this is that it’s a way to take potential stress out of the interview. It also frees up time so you can do final interview preparation and relax, two of the most important factors when getting into a job interview.

Depending on the individual’s schedule, some may work the day before the interview in order to have time off on the day of the interview. In fact, taking time off might not be an option at all. Resting the day before the interview is not mandatory; you just need to make sure you create enough time for final preparation so you can get into the right frame of mind.

However, if you are one of the lucky ones who have some private time, please consider using it. This will make your interview preparation much easier.

review everything

Young professional doing mock interview with her friend

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All that extensive research on opportunities should have been done. The last 24 hours should be used for a brief review of the information. You should also review common interview questions and behavioral interview questions.

Hopefully your interview prep includes a mock interview or two. If you have time to install one the day before, you should give it a try. Make the ultimate list of things you should know during your interview. If you ticked all the boxes and feel good, then call it a day and relax!

do something for yourself

Job seekers listen to music and take some time to relax in the hours before the interview

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If you’re lucky enough to have the day off before the interview and have done your prep ahead of time, you may have some time to yourself. So, do something you enjoy — just don’t go crazy.

Exercising at the gym, reading a book, watching a movie, and cooking are some great things you can do in the hours leading up to an interview because they are not overly stressful and many people find them relaxing.

Whatever activity you decide to do, make sure it’s something you enjoy, but not too strenuous. You want to be in a good place mentally and physically to go to the interview.

sleep tight

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Before you call it a day, there are a few more things you should check before bed.

Make sure to pick out and iron your clothes for the next day and set your alarm to the correct time. Give yourself some extra time in the morning to prepare, eat breakfast, and get to the interview location early.

Once you feel confident with your morning routine, go to bed! The night before a job interview is not a good time to stay up late. You need all 8 hours of sleep so you can be rested and focused in the morning. You want to give your full attention during the interview, not yawn.

Because so many factors are involved in an interview, following these steps does not guarantee success. However, following them will at least put you in a good frame of mind when interviewing, which will allow you to do your best. Whether you succeed or fail at the interview, you’ll learn something valuable and ultimately be a better professional.

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