December 11, 2023
How To Get Amber Grants For Women 2023

How To Get Amber Grants For Women 2023

If you’re a woman seeking financial aid, and are interested in discovering grants specifically designed for women, then you’ve come to the right place! This article provides a comprehensive list of Amber Grant programs currently available to women.

Amber grants for women

 What Is Amber Grant Foundation?

WomensNet established the Amber Grant in 1998 to honor the memory of Amber Wigdahl, a young woman who passed away at the age of 19 before she could pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Today, WomensNet continues this legacy by awarding at least $30,000 every month as Amber Grant money.

As women-owned businesses are diverse in nature, we have expanded our grant program to include Marketing Grants, Business Category Grants, and two $25,000 Year-End Grants.

Amber Grant Requirements

To apply for the Amber Grant, the following are required:

  • Essay
  • Application Form
  • Personal Statement

Amber Grant Application Fee

Additional Details: The Amber Grant is intended for women who have a business idea they are passionate about. To apply, simply fill out the application form on the grant provider’s website and describe your business idea in detail.

Award Amount: The Amber Grant provides twelve grants of $4,000 each and one grant of $25,000, bringing the total amount awarded to $73,000.

How to write An Amber grant    

Obtaining start-up funding can be a daunting task, making it essential to dedicate time and effort to every grant application you submit, including the WomenNet’s Amber Grant program.

This does not mean that you need to produce an extensive business plan, but rather to focus on demonstrating that your business or product is viable and deserving of funding.

The advisory committee of WomenNet, which provides monthly Amber Grants of $10,000 to aspiring or existing female-owned businesses, recommends emphasizing the following when preparing grant applications:

  • Highlight the feasibility and potential of your business idea.
  • Demonstrate how the grant funding will be used to advance your business.
  • Share your passion and dedication to making your business successful.

Furthermore, the committee also suggested the following additional tips for creating effective grant applications that have resulted in grants being awarded:

1. Answer questions about the application directly, and completely

When applying for the Amber Grant, it is important to provide a comprehensive understanding of the business owner and their business plan through the various writing prompts included in the application. While there may be information available on the company’s website and social media accounts, it may not be sufficient to provide a complete narrative.

Therefore, it is crucial to include all relevant information about the business in the application.

Specific questions include:

The Amber Grant application includes several writing prompts aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the business owner and their business plan. While website information and social media accounts can be useful, they may not provide a complete story. It’s crucial to include all relevant information about the business in the application.

Tell the story behind your company. Explain why the business is significant to you, what inspired you to start it, and what you’ve learned so far. What drives you as an individual, and why is this business concept important to you?

Identify potential opportunities and challenges. Amber Grants are intended to help businesses grow and fill gaps in the market. It’s essential to discuss the size of the market, the level of demand, and any challenges the business may face. Be honest about potential issues and don’t try to minimize them.

Describe how you would use the grant funds if awarded. Specify how you would allocate the $10,000 monthly or $25,000 annual grant, including the estimated costs of specific items such as new technology, advertising, or other necessary expenses. Show how you can be resourceful in maximizing the grant’s benefits.

2. Do your research

When applying for a grant, it is important to approach the process with the same level of diligence and professionalism as you would when applying for a job. Take the time to research the grant provider, review the guidelines and FAQs, and study the applications of past grant recipients to get an idea of what worked well.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your application is tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of the grant provider, increasing your chances of success. Additionally, studying the applications of past grant recipients can provide valuable insights into what types of businesses and proposals are most likely to receive funding.

Remember, the goal of the Amber Grant is to support women-owned businesses that are making a positive impact on their communities and beyond. So, be sure to focus on the unique aspects of your business and how it aligns with the values and mission of the grant program.

3. Be cautious about an application with a longer length

When applying for a grant, it’s important to strike a balance between providing enough information and being concise. A well-written grant application should include details about your business idea, why it’s relevant, and how it will benefit from the grant. However, it’s important to avoid irrelevant information that won’t add value to your application.

If you’re struggling to fill out your grant application with relevant details, it may be best to wait until you have more information about your business idea. Conversely, if you find yourself exceeding the suggested word limit, it may be a sign that you’re repeating information or not being specific enough.

In general, the Amber Grant application is around 600 words, but successful applications from the past six months averaged almost 850 words. As you craft your application, make sure to follow the guidelines and research past grant recipients and the sponsoring institution to improve your chances of success.

4. Do’s and Don’ts

Ensure that you write your application using software such as Pages or Microsoft Word, which allows you to save a copy for future reference. Sharing hyperlinks to your company or its website is essential, but if you don’t have a website, include links to social media platforms like LinkedIn where people can learn more about your story.

Avoid using jargon and buzzwords in your application, assuming that the members of the selection committee may not have expertise in your field. Don’t try to appear “corporate,” as previous winners have demonstrated their business acumen without using jargon.

You don’t need to provide sales figures unless you feel comfortable sharing them. However, it is essential to demonstrate how your business meets the criteria that the selection committee is looking for. Remember, the grant’s decision is not an assessment of your business’s sustainability or the novelty of your concept, so avoid interpreting it that way.


How To Get Amber Grants For Women    

Compared to other grants specifically designed for women, the Amber Grant is an easy and straightforward application process. There are no long papers or essay-style responses required. You simply need to fill out an online application form that includes a few questions, with the most significant being a description of your business and how you plan to use the grant funds.

WomensNet encourages applicants to be genuine and avoid using overly corporate language. The application states, “No business dream is too big or small.” The pool of applicants each month ranges from 400-700, and the closing date for the current month must be met to be considered.

The WomensNet advisors review the applications and announce the winner seven to ten days before the start of the month. If there are more applicants than average, multiple winners may receive grant funds.

If you don’t receive a grant in the first round, you can reapply in another month or submit updates to your original application via email. The public chooses the grant winner for the year’s end through online voting, and the winner is announced in December. Currently, you can be awarded an Amber Grant twice.


Who is Amber Wigdahl and What is the Amber Grant Foundation?

The Amber Grant Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 by WomensNet in memory of Amber Wigdahl, a young woman entrepreneur who passed away at the age of 19. The foundation aims to keep Amber’s entrepreneurial spirit alive by providing grants to female business owners to help them grow their businesses.

Is the Amber Grant Legitimate?

Yes, the Amber Grant Foundation is a legitimate organization that provides grants to female entrepreneurs each month.

Who is Eligible for the Amber Grant?

The Amber Grant is specifically designed for women who own businesses. The WomensNet program is a valuable resource for women to apply for an Amber Grant. Each month, WomensNet awards $1,000 to female-owned businesses in memory of Amber Wigdahl.

Can Anyone Write a Grant Proposal?

Yes, anyone can write a grant proposal with some effort and knowledge. To increase your chances of success, remember to keep your goals in mind and support your claims with evidence.

What to Do with the Grant Money?

If you are awarded an Amber Grant, there are several things you can do with the money. You could purchase necessary items or services to improve your project, save the money for future expenses, pay off debts or save for a down payment on a house or car, give back to your community, or celebrate your success!


Amber Grants provide a powerful opportunity to support and uplift women, enabling them to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. With financial support, these grants can help women access the education and training necessary to start their own businesses or become self-reliant.

Investing in women is a crucial step towards building a stronger, more equitable society, and Amber Grants are an impactful way to do so. By supporting women through these grants, we can create a more inclusive and prosperous future for all.