December 11, 2023
How to Become a Teenage Landscaper

How to Become a Teenage Landscaper

What Does a Teenage Landscaper do?

As a teenage landscaper, your primary responsibility will be to maintain the outdoor areas of businesses or buildings. This will involve a variety of tasks such as planting new trees, flowers or bushes, mowing lawns, pulling weeds, and cleaning lawn furniture. The goal is to keep the property looking tidy and aesthetically pleasing. You’ll spend a significant amount of time working outside, so it’s important to enjoy being outdoors and have a passion for gardening. While the work may be physically demanding, it can also be very rewarding to see the end result of a beautifully landscaped property.

How Much Does a Teenage Landscaper Get Paid?

Teenage landscapers typically start with an hourly rate between $10 to $15. It’s important to note that this type of work is physically demanding and requires spending the majority of the day outdoors doing manual labor. Another challenge is that the work can be short-term and may only be contracted for a day at a time, especially when just starting out. However, with dedication and persistence, it’s possible to build a successful landscaping business in the future, as there is a demand for these services in the market. Established landscaping companies can earn a substantial income from their work.

How to Become a Teenage Landscaper

How Can I Get Started as a Teenage Landscaper?

As a teenage looking to become a landscaper, it is important to first speak with your parent(s) to ensure your safety and receive their support in your efforts. To be successful in this field, you will need to learn some basic skills and techniques such as how to use commonly used landscaping tools to their full benefit, how to pull weeds effectively and how to trim bushes. DIY Network has compiled a list of these tools, which you can review and purchase on Amazon.

Getting certified as a landscaper is highly recommended, as it makes you more likely to land a job and is a great investment of your time for better success in the future. Taking classes on landscaping in your community or neighborhood is also a great way to show potential clients that you know what you’re doing.

When searching for available positions, don’t limit yourself to big business websites, as most people in need of landscapers will be regular folks in your community. Craigslist and door-to-door advertising in your neighborhood are both effective methods of finding clients. When applying for a position, show off your skills and strengths, such as your athletic ability to handle physical labor.

Starting out, you can expect to earn around $10-$15 per hour, but if you stick with it and even form your own landscaping company, you can build a successful career and make a good living. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere, and becoming a teenage landscaper is a great experience-building job.


How to Become a Teenage Landscaper

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