February 21, 2024

Monitoring patients remotely without violating their privacy is a challenging task. But one co-founder thinks she cracked the code.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m speaking with Romi Gubes, CEO of Sensi.AI, a startup that develops 24/7 audio-based AI software to detect and predict abnormalities that can impact physical, cognitive and emotional care for those receiving The health and well-being of people in home care to prevent unforeseen events. Joining us at this TechCrunch Live event is Sergey Gribov, general partner at Flint Capital and board member of Sensi.AI, who previously founded enterprise asset management firm AB Systems.

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We’ll cover a range of topics in our interviews, notably the technical aspects of the Sensi.AI platform, which monitors patients’ rooms in an ostensibly privacy-preserving manner. Given the tendency of algorithms to spot biases in training data, it’s natural that many people would be skeptical of a technology like Sensi.AI.

Gubes will speak on Sensi.AI’s engineering process and the steps it is taking to combat false positives and bias. She will also walk us through how Sensi.AI was born and how it has managed to raise $25 million in venture capital to date amid challenges in the wider startup economy and a highly competitive medtech market.

Gubes and Gribov will also come out of Sensi.AI to discuss the growing interest in AI in a range of applications from healthcare to industrial control to marketing. Gribov will offer an investor perspective, for or against the idea that the AI ​​boom isn’t going away anytime soon. With more than 15 years in IT, software development, operations and general management, he is well-qualified to do just that.

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