December 9, 2023

Everything needs a home, Garima Kapoor co-founded MinIO to build enterprise-grade open source object storage solutions. The hype sounds great: simplicity, high performance, and native Kubernetes integration. I’m happy to announce that I’m interviewing Kapoor and Intel Capital’s MinIO investor Mark Rostick about the development of MinIO and how the company is responding to stiff competition.

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It might not be the hottest area for the company to grow in, but MinIO has found a niche selling object storage while competing directly with Amazon S3. Perhaps the open-source components help boost interest in its target market of developers looking for alternatives to the cloud giants. Competing with the likes of Amazon is no easy task, but MinIO has succeeded.

Garima Kapoor co-founded MinIO in 2014, and the company has since reached a billion-dollar valuation. Along the way, Kapoor raised $126.3 million from venture capital, including Intel Capital’s Mark Rostick.

I have many questions about MinIO:

  • Why would it get into a business that directly competes with Amazon?
  • What role does open source play in building a developer audience?
  • How have cloud-native technologies contributed to your success?
  • What did Mark and Intel Capital see in this company that made them think they could succeed in a crowded and mature market?

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