February 21, 2024

TechCrunch Live is pleased to announce a fireside chat with Greenwood Bank co-founder Ryan Glover as part of the June 7th virtual TechCrunch Live: Atlanta event.

Glover will sit down with me, Dominic-Madori Davis, at 2:05pm ET to discuss “Equality Economics” – a conversation about the history of financial inequality within the Black community and how the Greenwood team can Atlanta works to increase opportunities for economically discriminated communities.

Greenwood Bank has become one of the most prominent Black-owned financial services institutions in the nation. Founded by Killer Mike, Andrew Young and Glover shortly after the 2020 murder of George Floyd, the bank is known for its commitment to social justice. It was named in honor of what was once considered “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa’s neighborhood, which was burned down by white supremacists in the 1920s. Shortly before this massacre, Atlanta had its own, black community that saw iton the precipice of economic success, was burned.

The story of building generational wealth and running a Black business has been one of trying, building, trying and rebuilding. That’s why an institution like Greenwood’s is so important to the community; that’s what makes its enduring efforts an important issue. Perhaps, in that case, it’s a hint that things will be different this time.

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This fireside is part of a larger initiative surrounding Atlanta’s startup community. Atlanta has long been home to a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs and investors, and we’re excited to spotlight the region in this three-hour event.

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