December 3, 2023

Google Cloud’s recent announcement of a partnership with infrastructure provider Voltage opens up a new trajectory for the tech giant’s bitcoin and Lightning Network ambitions.

The agreement will enable google cloudworth $225 billion in data and cloud services to expand bitcoinRelated services around the world, while assisting Voltage’s global business expansion.

Google Outsources Bitcoin and Lightning Network Teams

The partnership sees Voltage as Google’s outsourced bitcoin and lightning team. Voltage CEO Graham Krizek explained that the infrastructure provider, through Google, will offer Bitcoin or Lightning integration for companies interested in these services.

Not only did the deal garner a lot of attention on social media, but it marked Google’s commitment to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network Potential. This growing focus isn’t just within Google, but across the industry. Christopher Calicott, managing director of venture capital firm Tramell Venture Partners, said any payments-related company “will ignore the Lightning Network at its own risk.”

Google Ventures Boosts Bitcoin Momentum

Google on Blockchain, Bitcoin and network 3 Since 2020, the company’s influence has become increasingly apparent, primarily through its investment arm, Google Ventures (GV). Voltage benefited from GV’s interest, participating in a $6 million seed round in 2021.

This significant financial support is seen as a sign of upward momentum for Bitcoin and related technologies. Calicott noted that when companies make investments, it sends a strong signal that they are concerned, increasing the influence of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Krizek agreed, saying the partnership represents a heightened focus on Bitcoin within large organizations, including Google.

Despite rival Apple’s recent delisting of Damus, a decentralized social media protocol that supports the Lightning Network, it has shown its distaste for the Lightning Network. lightning network is gaining traction among multi-billion dollar businesses around the world.

both Binance and CoinbaseTwo leading cryptocurrency exchanges recently worked on Lightning Network integration.

Google Cloud’s partnership with Voltage marks an important step in the further integration of Bitcoin and Lightning technologies in the broader tech industry. Expectations for further service rollouts and increased Bitcoin education continue to rise as business interest and investment in these areas continues to grow.

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