December 11, 2023

GoHenry, a fintech company based in the US and UK, wants to give parents the tools they need to provide their children with financial education.

Co-founded by Louise Hill in 2012, GoHenry’s mission to spread financial literacy is more important than ever in light of current economic hardship and the resulting anxiety felt by many families .

Alex Clere, writer FinTech Magazine, recently interviewed Hill about the importance of teaching kids about money management. Although children are taught to read, write, and solve math problems in school, I am amazed that their education lacks lessons about money and budgeting. In fact, this can be a costly mistake as your child gets older.

According to research commissioned by GoHenry last year, 71% of children surveyed said they were concerned about the cost of living crisis because it was something they had overheard at home.

GoHenry is trying to fix this and teach kids key money skills Through its app, parents can manage their children’s pocket money.

In an interview with FinTech, Hill explain:

“I think it’s really important for parents to talk to their kids in age-appropriate ways to help them understand what the cost of living crisis means. More than ever, it’s important to be able to use easy-to-use tools to Helping children and adults better manage their money.”

As tempting as parents are to tell their children about finances, most are not equipped or confident enough to do so. With GoHenry’s Parent Financial Quest, the company hopes to change that and give parents everything they need to work through complex financial issues with their children.

ready to expand

GoHenry continues to focus on growth. About 10 months ago, GoHenry acquired Pixpay, a European fintech app that helps parents teach their kids about money management. At the time, Pixpay was already operating in France and had just launched in Spain. Also, in January this year, it was launched in Italy. In addition, US savings and investing app Acorn has also agreed to acquire GoHenry in April, Hill explain Positions both companies as “well capitalized and poised for growth.”