February 23, 2024

Haptic Architects and Oslo Works have unveiled plans to transform an abandoned car park near central Oslo, Norway, into a sustainable tourist attraction. It will be centered around the “Fjord Pavilion”, offering an excellent view of the marine life of the fjord.

Fornebu Brygge will include a 45,000 square meter (approximately 484,000 square feet) waterside programme, centered around the Fjordarium (or Fjord Aquarium), which will host multiple underwater galleries focused on discovering and learning about marine life. It will also be designed to withstand tidal flow. Elsewhere, the plan will include a marine centre, aquatics centre, restaurants and cafes, a new ferry terminal and significant landscaping, including a new park.

“The Fjordarium building was designed in close dialogue with the Norwegian Water Institute to best protect marine biodiversity underwater and along the coastline,” explained Haptic Architects and Oslo Works. The waves and currents of the fjord, and bring natural light into the space below the water level. With a unique approach to the Oslo fjord, it will focus on the challenges and solutions of cleaning the fjord, which is heavily polluted by agricultural waste.”

Fornebu Brygge's above-ground buildings will be primarily constructed of timber
Fornebu Brygge’s above-ground buildings will be primarily constructed of timber

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The above-ground structures will be constructed primarily of wood, though the press release also mentions the use of carbon-neutral concrete. The team is investigating the possibility of reusing marine steel from decommissioned oil rigs, ships and oil pipelines as structural and nonstructural components in new buildings. It also said the energy would come from renewable sources, but there was no further information on what this would entail at an early stage.

Fornebu Brygge is part of a larger development plan for the area which will include new residential precincts, office buildings, social and cultural functions and a metro line. It was commissioned by developer Selvaag and investor We Are Human and will soon be submitted for planning permission.

source: tactile architect, Oslo factory