December 8, 2023

Compressing a usable interior layout into a small home is always a challenge, but Elevate by Acorn Tiny Homes in Canada solved the problem by using a lift bed, creating a flexible room that doubles as a light-filled study area and bedroom.

The Elevate is based on a two-axle trailer and is 24 feet (7.3 meters) long. Power comes from standard RV style hookups. The interior is furnished with IKEA cabinets and closets, which were chosen over custom units to help keep costs down.

To focus first on the most interesting parts of the tiny house’s interior, most of Elevate’s footprint is taken up by an open and well-lit study space with a table and chairs. However, when it was time to sleep, the owner pushed a button and a double bed slowly lowered from its stowed position near the ceiling, turning the space into a bedroom. It works using a pulley system that raises and lowers the bed on all four corners using rails and an electric winch motor mounted on the outside of the house. The nice thing is that some curtains are connected to a pulley system, so when the bed is moved, the curtains move too, ensuring privacy at bedtime.

Elevate's bedroom can be used as a study area when the bed is raised
Elevate’s bedroom can be used as a study area when the bed is raised

Acorn Cottage

The rest of the tiny house is arranged on the same floor. Adjacent to the study/bedroom is the kitchen. These include a fridge/freezer, electric hob, microwave, sink and cupboards, plus a large mirrored storage unit. Meanwhile, the bathroom is accessible through a sliding door. This is actually relatively spacious for a small house, taking up 30% of the usable area. It contains a shower with a skylight at the top, as well as a sink and a toilet.

The idea for Elevate came about when its current residents’ plans to go abroad for law school were derailed by COVID-19 travel restrictions. Deciding to study online meant having a safe and private space at home, and while living with the parents was an option, the situation wasn’t ideal, so the parents decided to fund a small house. It will be used as a rental property once it is no longer needed.

Pricing for a similar Elevate model starts at C$120,000 (about US$89,000).

source: Acorn Cottage