December 3, 2023

hello, welcome back faira podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

This week, we at Early Stage taped TechCrunch’s event for founders building startups from the ground up.

Sadly, our dear friend Natasha Mascarenas sick, we had to rely on Alex for this episode. But happily, Darrell A guy from the TechCrunch team sat next to us in the showroom, so we flagged him down for some rocket lore.

Anyhoo, the show is on!

  • Early stage of everything: From the notes in the showroom, we can infer information about attendance and ambiance checks.
  • Elon’s new bigger rocket Up (very good) and then “boom” (not so good). Happily for the space race, the overall outcome of the launch was good. Rockets tend to thrive when new, and letting them do that is a good testing process.of course a non-prosperity The results will be better, but SpaceX is not planning to try to reuse these parts.
  • Tesla’s earnings Out, investors weren’t so happy. While there’s some good stuff in the digital concentration, the company’s price cuts and slowing cash flow suggest that profitable growth may be harder to come by going forward.
  • and downsizing. Meta is cutting staff. Insider is laying off staff. BuzzFeed is laying off staff. It’s messy outside.

We’ll be back at full capacity next week – no more roads – so expect normal service to resume. Embrace!

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