December 3, 2023

A planner and financial advisor coach has written a digital book aimed at explaining three strategies he says can “redefine” the practice and drive significant growth.

Dominic Henderson
Planner Dominique Henderson is the founder of DJH Capital Management in Dallas.

Dominic Henderson

Dominic Henderson, founder Dallas-based DJH Capital Management and Quick Start Coaching Lab as well as”Conversations among Financial Professionals” podcast and Jumpstart YO University posted on YouTube “Three Measures: An Effective Path to Growth Your Financial Practice was published earlier this month. Priced at $1.99, this eBook focuses on how to grow leads, target niche customer segments, and build long-term customer loyalty.

Next month, Henderson also plans to hold a virtual training, which he describes as a “double-click” of a course in the book.

“Being real me means I’m talking to a specific group of people. This industry requires you to come in and talk to everyone. Anyone with a warm body is someone you need to be your client. I doubt it, ’” Henderson said in the interview. “You might just be in the wrong place. I hope people have this awakening. You don’t have to be in a place where you can’t embrace your superpowers and be empowered.”

Consultants often author books on topics including Career advice for the next generationconsumer primer Seek to understand key planning topics and ideas the future of the industry. Henderson, whose YouTube channel has more than 13,000 subscribers, previously wrote another ebook during the pandemic called “Assess, Resolve, and Adjust: A Practical Guide to Navigating Out and Reaching Your Goals.”

He and Boston Company founder Adam Scherer Green Auction Finance and Certified Financial Planning Program Leaders Boston School of FinanceScherer said he met on LinkedIn after seeing one of Henderson’s many videos on his CFP certification journey. Henderson often shows aspiring advisors how his own practice works, Scherer said, and he also connects with Boston College alumni to discuss next steps in their careers.

“We all recognize that more and more people are switching careers and entering the world of personal financial planning,” Scherer said in an interview. “He’s very passionate about educating future planners about what the road ahead will look like. , and the different opportunities that exist out there. … He’s given people some really valuable information, but also given people the opportunity to experience firsthand what that path could look like.”

Henderson said he made new advisors the focus of his mentoring efforts when he launched Jumpstart in 2019, and now he is “very intentionally pivoting to existing financial professionals.”like many planners created Alternative pathways into the career Traditional cold calling and door visits tend to put off aspiring consultants, he said, and Henderson hopes to see “more successful independent RIAs grow so they have the ability to put people in junior and associate roles to learn the business.” .”

“The industry needs to change the face of branding and financial advice,” Henderson said. “We should broaden the definition and move away from this one-trick, short-sighted view of just collecting assets.”

To that end, Henderson said, he hopes the book will answer what he says are the three main questions that he often encounters in post-launch practice: how to find a niche, what to charge, and how to retain customers over time.

“If you cut me open, I’d bleed and say: I believe in the power of financial advice to change family trees. Everyone deserves that opportunity,” he said. “The more people you give your financial advice to, the more people you can help.”