December 2, 2023

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Happy Thursday, Shortbread! It’s an exciting time to be a tech journalist, with tons of interesting stories in the pipeline. let’s start! Hasta mañana, Christine and he came

TechCrunch Top 3

  • house that mickey built: Disney+ lost about 4 million subscribers in the second quarter, the second time in a row that this has happened. Manish Digging into the earnings, it turns out that much of that can be attributed to Disney’s Hotstar losing 8.4 million subscribers. Oh, and Disney+ and Hulu are merging into one app later this year, Lauren report.
  • Can you see the correction?: Manish It also reported on SoftBank’s Vision Fund, which lost $32 billion. Noting that this happened in a year when startup valuations were slashed, he wrote that SoftBank went into “defensive mode” earlier this year.
  • rider in the storm: Peloton is recalling millions of exercise bikes after reports of injuries, citing faulty assembly. Kyle There are more.

Startups and Venture Capital

Most US tech investors are probably familiar with the smaller investor marketplaces AngelList and Carta. In Europe, Germany’s Bunch and Britain’s Vauban (acquired by US-based Carta last year) are trying to do something similar. But the story behind this is that, despite launching years ago, AngelList has struggled in the European regulatory environment. microphone Wondering if Odin could be Europe’s answer to AngelList.

It used to be enough to have a company blog and some paid content that was the focus of the marketing department’s content efforts. But with big players like Salesforce and HubSpot launching their own full-fledged media divisions, it might be time to rethink your content strategy. AudiencePlus, which wants to help every company run its own media platform, today announced a $5.4 million seed investment, Ron report.

Another high and low:

  • LSD reduction for LLM: Writer introduces product that could help reduce hallucinatory content in its LLM, reports Ron.
  • Fairly repairable headphones: Natasha L Fairphone is reportedly getting audio with repairable over-ear BT headphones.
  • Hospitals, but Amazon-ier: MediShout reportedly wants to bring Amazon-like efficiencies to hospital operations Paul.
  • hello, this is a criminal record: Everseen reportedly raises more than $70 million for AI tech to spot potential retail theft Kyle.
  • Here is my pass, thanks: Tinder-inspired Cala dares you to swipe left on useless meetings, report Harry.

Unlocking the M&A code: 5 factors that make (or break) deals

There are five heart-shaped lollipops on the pink floor, but the last heart is broken.

Image credits: mjrodaPhotography (opens in new window) / Getty Images

A merger or acquisition is the start of a new relationship, which is why most people approach an exit with optimism.

“But in the M&A space, not everything is rosy,” said Frank Roe, SmartBear’s chief executive, who has made eight acquisitions in less than five years.

“This is a complex and risky decision not for the faint of heart. It is vital that the decision and process are approached with diligence and deliberation.”

In this TC+ guest post, he shares “Five Indispensable Elements to Consider for a Successful M&A Journey,” reminding readers that “there is no ‘secret formula.'”

Unlocking the M&A code: 5 factors that make (or break) deals

Three more from the TC+ team:

  • Finally, a decent “ask a question” slide: he came Back with the latest Pitch Deck teardown: Fibery’s $5.2 million Series A deck.
  • Don’t call it a comeback. Or, maybe, do: Higher interest rates are fueling fintech comeback stories, writes Alex.
  • We’re chained together; let’s work together: Jacqueline Arguing that cryptocurrencies require a global perspective to build a better regulatory model.

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big tech company

Natasha L Giving you everything you need to know about a series of votes in the European Parliament this morning, MEPs backed a series of amendments related to transparency and safety rules for generating artificial intelligence.

at the same time, Amanda Covered a campaign that started with a tweet and ended with a book in Amazon’s top three. No, this isn’t another book in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” saga—it’s a “Bigolas Dicholas” recommendation that we recommend you stop what you’re doing and read it.

We have five more for you:

  • Come in and give you a close-up: Canon’s PowerShot V10 is reportedly a small, compact camera that could appeal to vloggers he came.
  • don’t kill this messenger: That’s because Meta is doing it for us by killing the Apple Watch’s Messenger app, Aisha report.
  • Welcome to KyleTedTalk: Today, he discusses the growing list of text generation AIs, specifically how AI2 develops large language models optimized for science.
  • Secrets, secrets are not funny, except on Twitter: ivan wrote that Twitter’s new encrypted DMs for verified users have some security flaws.
  • Depress the EV pedal: Hyundai plans to invest $2.45 billion in India over the next nine years to boost its electric vehicle ecosystem. fighting There are more.

Daily Crunch: Millions of subscribers ditch Disney+ Hotstar for second straight quarter, by Christine Hall, originally published on TechCrunch