February 21, 2024

The CUDOS blockchain is pleased to launch market, a tokenized RWA (Real World Assets) marketplace for computing power NFTs, adds another major tool to the CUDOS ecosystem. The first limited edition NFTs will be available for public sale on this unique platform on June 22nd.

CUDOS Markets builds on the success of CUDO Compute and CUDO Miner, leveraging the company’s expertise to create a marketplace for tokenized real-world assets, starting with sustainable Bitcoin (bitcoin)award. As stated in the CUDOS roadmap, collectible holders will be rewarded with Bitcoin, future games that will allow them to win additional computing power and future drops including tokenized renewable energy infrastructure.

Unlike traditional Bitcoin acquisitions that raise concerns about sustainability and environmental impact, CUDOS Markets ensures that all BTC rewards are sourced entirely from sustainable and 100% renewable energy. This pioneering approach ushers in a new era of responsible cryptocurrency purchases, enabling individuals to make environmentally friendly choices while benefiting from digital assets.

Genesis collection artwork is created by renowned artist and former Nike Senior Designer Delux3. Delux3’s signature “sophisticated street art” style incorporates deep tonal layers and unexpected color combinations. A well-known artist in the Solana art scene, Delux3’s visionary and abstract contributions to new computing power collections for the CUDOS market promise to attract collectors.

The Genesis Collection public sale will offer the opportunity to purchase at a fixed price of $330. Buyers have the chance to win one of five levels of hashrate NFTs, with the top hashrate consistently maintaining a return of up to 170TH/s over four years. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to cast one of three unique one-for-one collectibles hidden within the Genesis Collection.

Genesis collectibles will be powered only by Bitcoin hashrate from pre-approved sustainable mining farms, starting with Blockmole’s first Genesis collection.

CEO and founder Matt Hawkins shared his thoughts on Cudo Ventures’ latest product launch:

“Our new product, CUDOS Markets, is not just another NFT marketplace. A platform where people can positively impact the world by buying and selling sustainable NFT collectibles backed by our eco-friendly Bitcoin miners real-world assets. Through CUDOS Markets, we are excited to offer a unique opportunity to combine the power of the blockchain with our commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility. We believe this new offering will transform the NFT industry and The rules of the game for other industries.”

The Genesis Collection of Revolutionary Computing Collectibles is now available to the public for purchase on the CUDOS marketplace — visit market Participate in the public sale now.
To learn more about CUDOS Markets in general and its future plans, visit website.


CUDOS is at the forefront of powering the Metaverse, bringing together DeFi, NFT, and gaming experiences to realize the vision of a decentralized Web3. Its open platform launchpad provides the infrastructure needed to meet thousand-fold computing demands to create fully immersive, gamified digital realities.

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