December 2, 2023

London, UK, 14 July 2023, Chainwire

Chanceis a revolutionary blockchain-based prediction market app that has taken the cryptocurrency and gambling world by storm, raising a whopping $750,000 in an exciting pre-sale in just 4 weeks. The first phase is now about to be sold out, with less than 23% of tokens remaining before the price increases by 10%.

This rise is fueled by the unique premise of the platform, which offers fully decentralized betting, allowing users to “become the bookmaker” and create their own odds. The two founders, Adam and Paul Kelbie, also quickly became the darlings of the blockchain community.

Adam Kelbie, CEO of Chancer, said: “I’m excited to see the engagement from the growing Chancer community, as well as the raises – but I’m not entirely surprised, to be honest! The idea has been in the works for years, and this year we’re going to deliver some big results . We are not only seeing increased interest from investors, but also many potential partnerships.”

Users who are interested in purchasing Chancer tokens can purchase through the official website.

Chancer: Driving the Decentralized Gambling Revolution

Chancer is the world’s first decentralized and fully democratized blockchain gambling platform.

It puts power firmly back in the hands of bettors, who are often victims of unfavorable odds set by bookmakers or bookmakers. These odds work against the bettor from the start. Additionally, these bookmakers usually allow people to bet only on sports or mainstream events.

This is what sets Chanther apart. As a decentralized platform, users place bets among themselves, thus realizing a completely peer-to-peer betting experience. Users can place small bets between friends or participate in viral bets on global events such as the World Cup finals, the Oscars or even the US presidential election. Powered by Google’s WebRTC, users can place these bets and communicate with others in real time, while the event unfolds live.

All bets are placed and paid within CHANCE Token, which gives the token real utility as it is the lifeblood of the entire platform. As more users flock to Chancer, the greater the opportunity to disrupt the gaming industry, which is worth over $63 billion in 2022 and will soar to over $150 billion by 2030, the price of CHANCER may also benefit from Increased adoption and expanded global reach.

great chance CertiK Auditwhich only boosts confidence in the project, as the team already knows exactly who you are and has been given the stamp of authenticity that many have come to expect from such an extensive development roadmap.

Uncovering the extraordinary success of Chancer’s Raise

With a real use case and a user-friendly platform, it’s easy to see why Chancer was able to raise $750,000 in such a short period of time. Chancer has an extensive roadmap detailing plans from pre-sale to becoming a DAO. Given this exciting trajectory and initial low price, it’s no wonder people are investing now to get into Chancer’s ground floor.

Not only that, but from July 12th, the developers also added USDT and ETH purchase options, opening the pre-sale to millions of potential investors.

In addition, there are several benefits for CHANCER token holders. Users can stake their tokens and potentially earn passive income in the form of tokens and even get discounted fees for betting. All this, and the fact that users can set their own odds, make it an innovative concept for gambling and crypto enthusiasts.

To further whet the appetite and attract a larger crowd, Chancer is currently hosting a massive event $100,000 Giveaway in tokens. Ten lucky winners will have the chance to win one of the big prizes, which is Chancer’s way of giving back to the community. It doesn’t matter how many tokens a user has – as long as he has some CHANCER in his wallet, he can earn it.

Chancer’s future development and expectations

Chance Still in the pre-sale phase, bringing potentially interesting prospects for those exploring new projects in 2023.

Chancer’s current fundraising goal is $15 million. Given that the initial $750,000 was realized quickly, the company expected a smooth journey to its goal. After that, Chancer will be listed on multiple exchanges, and the details will be announced during the pre-sale process.

Chancer offers a radical and completely unprecedented betting platform that empowers bettors and lets people determine their own odds. With this in mind, Chancer does have a chance to topple some of the traditional and outdated bookmakers in the market. Don’t miss out on this token opportunity, still at a low entry price of $0.01.

about opportunities

Chancer will develop the world’s first decentralized social prediction market platform. This will enable Chancer token holders to create and participate in their own prediction markets based on their interests, expertise, and networking opportunities.

The project aims to disrupt the global gambling and betting market by “removing the bookmakers” and gain attention by challenging traditional betting and betting business models and taking a share of the market.

Users can participate in Chancer in the official website.

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