December 11, 2023

chain link (LINK) and Cosmos (ATOM) are increasingly seeing a drop in investor interest. This is a reasonable expectation, as the average cryptocurrency investor is not only in the technical market; they also want to see gains.

chain link (LINK) and Cosmos (ATOM) have not been successful in this regard recently.Despite their seemingly strong fundamentals, Cosmos (ATOM) and chain link (LINK) has underperformed the market, even during the rally. This has led investors to look elsewhere to take advantage of the market’s profit opportunities.

One cryptocurrency currently on the radar of investors is spark (spark).Surrounded by optimism spark (SPRK) Some analysts expect it to break into the top 100 once pre-sales are over.

chain link (LINK) Whale sales stagnant this price

chain link (LINK) saw one of the best price Running in 2020 and early 2021. under $5, chain link (LINK) hit highs of $50 on some exchanges. However, after April 2021, chain link(LINK) stagnated and the price never hit a new high, not even at the peak of the cryptocurrency in November 2021.

Analysts believe that despite the chain link (LINK) strong fundamentals, which continue to face pressure from those involved in ICO sales. This continued sell-off could keep prices subdued, especially if cryptocurrencies remain in a bear market.

This explains why savvy investors outperform chain link (LINK) can be done as a technology, more towards the next step in the direction of the source of profit.

spark (SPRK) pre-sale has already seen massive inflows chain link (LINK) Investors and analysts expect this to drive spark (SPRK) reached an all-time high.


Cosmos (ATOM) Expansion Token Economics drive away investors

Cosmos (ATOM) Has Some of the Best Fundamentals in Interconnection decentralized application from the blockchain.

However, analysts do not expect Cosmos (ATOM) to deliver much exponential returns in future investments.Many believe the biggest disruption to Cosmos (ATOM) is its inflation Token Economics.

As long as new tokens continue to flood the market, Atom (ATOM) may underperform the rest of the market in the long run.

Investors are starting to understand this, and the trend has turned towards newer and upcoming cryptocurrencies with better earning potential.

Cosmos (ATOM) Investors Of Special Interest spark (spark). This is a great opportunity to gain exponentially as it is still in the pre-sale phase, which means there is a lot of upside once it starts listing on exchanges.

spark pre-sale Attract investors with a 30% bonus

spark (SPRK) pre-sale attracted many investors tired of holding underperforming cryptocurrencies.

one of the biggest attractions spark (SPRK) is pre-sale price quite competitive.With just $0.015 and a 30% bonus on token purchases, investors can’t get enough spark (Public Bureau).

Investors also snapped up spark (SPRK) plans to increase prices on April 30, 2023. After that, the price will increase to $0.017.

However, the use case of interest spark (SPRK) has the most investors. spark (SPRK) has a strong use case, unlike most new cryptos based on hype. It hopes to enable investors to buy small units of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum in NFTs.

The project’s transparency also inspired spark (PURK) Investors. Worldwide internet Internet Audit spark (SPRK); no problems found. There is also a KYC audit, which is also above board.

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