February 26, 2024

CFP Board of Directors Elects Elizabeth Miller as Chair of the Board for 2025, Accreditation and Standards Development Organizations announced Wednesday.

Miller, Founder and President, NJ Summit Plaza Financial Advisors, joined the CFP Board of Directors in 2020 as a director.She is also a member of the CFP Board of Directors CFP Council Center for Financial Planning Event Development Committee.

Elizabeth K. Miller, 2024 Chair-Elect of the CFP Board of Directors

CFP Committee

“Liz is an outstanding leader and her contributions to the profession are enormous,” CFP Board Chair Daniel Moisand said in a statement. “We are excited about the wealth of experience she brings to this role, and we look forward to her leadership and vision as we continue to advance the financial planning profession.”

Prior to founding Summit Place Financial Advisors, Miller was the principal owner of investment management services firm Trevor Stewart Burton & Jacobsen. She began her career as a mergers and acquisitions analyst at First Boston & Company, then became an associate portfolio manager at Oppenheimer Mutual Funds.

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Miller founded Summit Place in 2008 to focus on meeting the financial needs of multigenerational families.

“I am honored to be elected by the Board of Directors for the 2024 term as Chair,” Miller said. “Our profession is needed now more than ever, and I am excited to work with my Board members and the CFP Council staff to foster a growing and diverse community of CFP professionals and ensure more Americans have access to competent, ethical financial planning.”

Miller currently serves on the Penn Sphinx Society Alumni Association, the New Jersey Institute of Technology External Advisory Board, and the Editorial Advisory Board of the wealth management magazine Trusts & Estates.

She leads the first private wealth management committee CFA Society of New York There she was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award and subsequently served on the Board of Directors.Miller also served on the Wealth Management Working Group CFA Institutecontributing to the Introductory Wealth Management Course for CFA Candidates.

Other affiliations include membership in the Financial Planning Association, National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, National Speakers Association, and Organization of Women Presidents.

She is also the author of the book Tidy Wealth: A Goal-Oriented Guide to Controlling Your Wealth.

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in her Profile on the Summit Place Financial Advisors websiteMiller said she went to Wall Street with classmates from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and “grew on the intensity.”

She loved the ease of measuring her success through portfolio performance, but she quickly developed a passion for using her financial expertise to positively impact the lives of others.

“Shortly after I started managing portfolios for individuals and families, they started asking me other questions related to many of the planning issues that successful families face,” she says. “They would share that their accountant or lawyer came up with a planning topic but sent it to me for the next discussion. That’s when I realized that a lot of successful people had to coordinate all the professionals themselves to find the best solution.

“In 2008, I decided to start a company that would simplify the financial lives of our clients by managing and coordinating their diverse and complex wealth needs.”

The CFP board elected Miller as chairman-elect at its July 2023 meeting. Current Chairman-elect Matt Boersen will serve as CFP Board Chairman in 2024, with Miller taking over in 2025.