December 8, 2023

In recent years, we’ve seen tents, trailers, and camp beds designed specifically for Tesla’s Model Y electric SUV. However, the new Complete Tesla Camper Kit is designed to convert the vehicle into a complete self-contained mini camper.

The installation, currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, was designed by Canadian outdoor enthusiast/entrepreneur Jimmy Cheung and is being marketed through his Vancouver-based company, Fruble Fabrications.

The flat pack kit consists of 31 pieces of pre-drilled plywood that the user assembles into two boxes with lids (front) and two slide-out drawers (rear). One of the drawers is fitted with a sink and can be configured to accommodate third-party induction or gas hobs.

Take a closer look at the kitchen drawers
Take a closer look at the kitchen drawers

make up

If the complete kit is used with the Model Y’s rear seats folded down, you can put a camp mattress on it while you hit the hay. Importantly, the kit does not block access to the rear liftgate of the vehicle, making it available for more storage.

If the user wishes to keep the rear seats up and available while traveling, the kit’s two front boxes can be quickly removed, stacked on top of the rear drawer, and fastened. That said, the view out of the rear window will be almost completely blocked. Of course, if a trip doesn’t require that much storage space, the case can simply be left at home.

Users can still access the vehicle's sub-compartment
Users can still access the vehicle’s sub-compartment

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Assuming a complete Tesla camper kit goes into production, Pledge $1,500 CAD (approximately $1,001) will bring you a gift of your own. Cheung told us the planned retail price is C$2,300 (US$1,688).

The kit is demonstrated in the video below.

Complete Tesla Camping Kit

source: Launcher