December 9, 2023

C19RM Procurement Progress Report Template

June 23, 2023

C19RM Procurement Progress Report Template ( Download English | Spanish | French ) is now available.

The reporting schedule for these products is set out in the C19RM guidance document ( Download English | Spanish | French ). For more information, please contact the team in your country.

Originally published on September 3, 2021

Principal recipients are required to complete the “C19RM Procurement Progress Report Template” and submit it to the Global Fund according to the schedule below.

High Impact and Core Portfolio*: Monthly reports are submitted to the Global Fund no later than the 10th of each calendar month during the implementation period.

Key Portfolio*: (1) For health products purchased through national procurement channels, no later than January 10 after the end of each calendar year of the implementation period. (b) For health products procured outside the pooled procurement mechanism, reporting is due by the following quarterly dates of each calendar year during the implementation period: 10 January, 10 April, 10 July and October, respectively 10th.

Also read: Accelerated procurement of approved health products under C19RM – COVID-19 Response Mechanism.


The C19RM Procurement Progress Reporting Template is designed to enable primary recipients to report to the Global Fund Secretariat on: a) strategy; b) mainstreaming; c) providing advice on local procurement to enhance the quality of reported health products produced by Funded by C19RM funds and procured outside the Global Fund’s joint procurement mechanism.

The new template captures the award of contracts by implementers and the fulfillment of deliveries by suppliers against approved purchase orders, which will facilitate integrated reporting to the Global Fund Board.

Primary recipients can use the template to centralize information on key C19RM-funded procurements and monitor delivery schedules to ensure timely supply of health products to countries to help their countries respond to COVID-19.

The template has four worksheets that contain the necessary instructions, the range of products required for the report, examples to complete, and a template to be completed and submitted to the Global Fund by the specified date. The reporting schedule for these products is set out in the C19RM guidance ( Download English | Spanish | French ) documentation.