December 2, 2023

London, UK, 8 July 2023, Chainwire

British financial firm Aptius Ltd has developed a new cryptocurrency called Britannia The product will be available for pre-order starting June 18, with a launch later this year. BritanniaCoin is a UK-built blockchain that introduces real-world applications while respecting British cultural heritage.

The pre-release contains 316,000 coins for sale priced at $6 each to commemorate the official unification of England and Scotland in 1707, 316 years ago. The pre-release offers the opportunity to buy BritanniaCoin at $8 each before its launch on exchanges. BritanniaCoin has also launched a software wallet to the public, available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. As part of BritanniaCoin’s commitment to charity, 10% of the pre-sale proceeds will be donated to charity, as listed on the BritanniaCoin website.

In the pre-sale this summer, BritanniaCoin intends to give away 125,000 coins. BritanniaCoin is 100% self-funded and developed without silent partners, see for details white paper. These initiatives aim to foster an ecosystem that represents British values, combining historical and cultural heritage with technological innovation, and supporting charities such as Hearts of Gold to improve the lives of the disadvantaged.

BritanniaCoin introduces a proprietary blockchain with zero fees and 20% faster block confirmation times than Bitcoin.

After a first round of pre-releases for commercial customers starting in September 2022, BritanniaCoin has launched its own custom hardware infrastructure. The hardware wallet platform is designed to facilitate customer security, anonymity and technological innovation. This exclusive hardware wallet is currently available to private investors and business clients contacted through its website. Additionally, providing access to hardware wallets for customers of planned NFT projects is currently being considered in the future. After completing the second phase of ICO, BritanniaCoin intends to center its blockchain ecosystem, brand identity and community on this hardware technology foundation.

BritanniaCoin pursues several long-term goals, including expanding the community and improving the user experience. Additionally, BritanniaCoin has its own UK-themed NFT project offering unique advantages to holders, offering airdrops, special discounts, voting rights, taking an active role in choosing to support charities and signing events such as their recent pre-launch party at East India Club held.

Following the conclusion of the ICO, BritanniaCoin intends to launch BritanniaPay, which includes a software wallet compatible with iOS and Android and connects to the company’s current network of hardware wallets. BritanniaPay is an innovative initiative prioritizing UK brands and businesses by integrating blockchain technology into their own payment system. Users can pay for purchases at UK and international retailers using BritanniaCoin as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other established cryptocurrencies.

BritanniaCoin unites a diverse teamCo-founder and CEO Daniel M. Ashworth brings over five years of experience in the cryptocurrency space and co-founded Aptius, a cryptocurrency and forex trading firm, in 2018. Co-founder and CTO Jonathan Peters has 10 years of programming experience, including blockchain architecture, network infrastructure, and algorithmic trading software. COO Demetri Georgiev has over 10 years of experience in logistics operations and supports the day-to-day operations of the project. Events Manager Mark Turley has over 18 years of experience arranging entertainment and managing the project’s unique range of events at magnificent venues such as the East India Club. Charity Coordinator Mary Johnston has over 30 years experience in sales and marketing and is actively involved with Hearts of Gold, the nominated charity supported by BritanninaCoin.

For more details on BritanniaCoin, please visit the project’s website.

About Britannia Coin

Britannia is a cryptocurrency that deploys real-world utility, developed by British financial organization Aptius Ltd. BritanniaCoin will be available for presale on June 18th, celebrating British heritage.


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