December 8, 2023

We’ve seen a few attempts at building heads-up display smart glasses for motorcyclists in the past, but so far we’ve been pretty lukewarm…but that just changed.

BMW Motorrad showed off its so-called “ConnectedRide Smart Glasses” at the BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin this weekend, soon to be released, priced at €690.00 (approximately $750).

Obviously there will be a period when supplies will arrive on distant homeland shores but you don’t need a BMW to use glasses and if my 50+ years of experience buying BMW motorcycle parts is any guide they will work just fine and they will pass Motorcyclists Impress with this clever design for motorcyclists.

The smart glasses connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and an app, and they will use head-up display technology to display information onto the glasses lenses.

ConnectedRide smart glasses aren't exactly bulkless, but they're designed to fit comfortably under a helmet for extended periods of time.
ConnectedRide smart glasses aren’t exactly bulkless, but they’re designed to fit comfortably under a helmet for extended periods of time.

bmw motorcycle

While it may provide a lot of irrelevant information (who needs an app to tell them what gear they’re in), some of the information it can project into your consciousness is really useful, especially GPS navigation, current speed, and current fashion Limit your speed no matter where you are.

I really don’t see any “must have” features if you’re using them in familiar surroundings, but for riding abroad or in unfamiliar surroundings, they definitely make motorcycle riding safer.

BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide smart glasses
BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide smart glasses

bmw motorcycle

One downside is that the battery only lasts 10 hours, so if you’re going to spend a long day in the saddle, you’ll want to have a lockable case with a usb port on the bike for loo-break pit stop routine. That should provide enough extra power for 15 minutes to give you a few extra hours of use, but oddly enough, your glasses might give you range anxiety one day.

The glasses are available in one color (anthracite) but come with two sets of lenses per pair (1x tinted lens and 1x 85% clear lens), are available in two different sizes (M + L) and can be fitted with different lenses Nose pads. They’re also designed as you’d expect from a serious company, so they fit a wide variety of helmets.

The projection can be positioned and settings selected using a smartphone app before the ride, and if you’re riding a modern BMW, you can do this while you’re riding using the multi-controller on the motorcycle’s handlebar.

BMW Motorrad also comes with two sets of certified UVA/UVB lenses with the frame. One set of lenses is 85% transparent, especially for helmets with integrated visors. Another set comes with tinted lenses, turning the smart glasses into a perfect pair of sunglasses.

For those who wear glasses, there is an RX adapter (+/- 4.5 diopters). This can be ordered online directly from the provider. The corresponding QR code can be found in the user manual of the ConnectedRide smart glasses.

More information will be provided as soon as it becomes available