December 3, 2023

BTC/USD Orbiting 28340: Technical Analysis by Sally Ho – April 22, 2023

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) remains below pressure already Asian Conversation continues as pair track this 28340.37 area, representing 23.6% retracement extensive Appreciation range from 19568.52 arrive 31050. The pair cannot maintain recent briefing rebound arrive 28371.88 area and extension sold out arrive 27815 area. stop recent Elected as follows this 28479.91 area, a downside price target Link to selling pressure That strengthen surrounding 30500 area. downside price target related to recent Depreciation range and level include 27758, 27283, 27119, 26533, 26085, 25604and 24103 levels. Following recent price activity, retracement level and fields potential technical resistance include 29159, 29383, 29408, 29657, 29701, 29965, 30012, 30413and 30472 levels.

After recent price activity, retracement level and fields potential tech support include 27370, 26664, 25309, 25094, 23954, 23255and 21415 levels. Upside Price Target include 31477.37, 32501.23, 32989.19, 34583.96, 34658.69, 35222.66, 37765.28and 38403.97 levels. Another important price target Is 31846.88 area, a grade that represents 50% retracement of Depreciation rate from 48233.76 arrive 15460. Traders observed that 50 bar MA (4 hours) yes bullish above this 100 bar MA (4 hours) and more than this 200 bar MA (4 hours). also, 50 bar MA (hourly) yes pessimistically show the following this 100 bar MA (hourly) and the following this 200 bar MA (hourly).

Price activity closest to 200 bar moving average (4 hours) at 28407.77 and 50 moving average (hourly) at 28692.51.

technical support Estimated surrounding 27283.59/ 26533.04/ 25604.51 and stop The expectations are as follows.

technical resistance Estimated surrounding 31986.16/ 32989.19/ 34658.69 and stop above expectations.

exist 4 hours chart, Slow K yes Bullish above SlowD although MACD yes Much lower than MACDAverage.

exist 60 minutes chart, Slow K yes Much lower than SlowD although MACD yes Bullish above MACDAverage.

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