February 21, 2024

BTC/USD rally to 29985: Sally Ho’s technical analysis – June 27, 2023

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Continues to Stable soften already Asian During the meeting, the two wandered between 30266.94 area, representing the level 61.8% retracement recent Range of appreciation from 29539.57 arrive 31443.67. buying pressure recently appeared around 29975.80 when the area Bitcoin/USD tested this 78.6% retracement the same Range of appreciation.this depreciation to this area Accelerated back stops yes Choose below this 30198.14 area, representing 23.6% retracement of Range of appreciation from 24750 arrive 31443.67.recent fast appreciate arrive 31443.67 area is its strongest level within twelve months and represent test of 31488.23 district, a Upside Price Target related buying pressure That strengthen surrounding 26637.41 area. stops recently selected above this 30127.80 period area Continue to appreciateone Upside Price Target related historical buying pressure appearing around 15460 and 19568.52 area. stops Too trigger above additional Upside Price Target surrounding 29068, 29159, 29458, 30088, 30200, 30292and Level 30477.

additional Upside Price Target include 31737, 32125and 33569 area. stops quoted more than additional Upside Price Target surrounding 31674, 32043, 34531and 34658 area.Following the recent benefit price activity, field technical support and potential buying pressure include 30192, 29863, 29423, 28886, 28179, 28096and 27293 area.Technicians are watching closely to see how many technical support around development 28095.44 area, representing 23.6% retracement of historical depreciation from 69000 arrive 15460.traders observed 50 bar MA (4 hours) yes above shows bullish this 100 bar MA (4 hours) and more than this 200 MAs (4 hours). in addition, 50 bar MA (hourly) yes bullishly show more than this 100 bar MA (hourly) and more than this 200 bar MA (hourly).

Price activity closest to 50 bar MA (every 4 hours) on 28887.03 and 100 bar MA (hourly) at 30395.43.

technical support estimated about 24440.41/ 23270.10/ 22769.39 and stops expected to be lower than.

technical resistance estimated about 31986.16/ 32989.19/ 34658.69 and stops As expected.

exist 4 hours chart, Slow K yes Bullish above SlowD although MACD yes Bearish below MACD.

exist 60 minutes chart, Slow K yes Bullish above SlowD although MACD yes Bullish above the MACD average.

Disclaimer: Sally Ho’s technical analysis is provided by a third party and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily and is not intended to be used as legal, tax, investment or financial advice.