December 9, 2023

Bitcoin (BTC) and its hard fork are captivating the market, with Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) surging in price. However, amidst this upsurge, in QuebecAn artificial intelligence altcoin that piqued the curiosity of investors and was chosen as a preferred investment.

In this article, we will explain what makes in Quebec Stand out in the cryptocurrency space.Join us as we delve into the Bitcoin hard fork and discover why smart investors are doubling down on AI tokens in Quebec.

Against Everyone’s Expectations, Smart Investors Are Doubling Down in QuebecThis is despite the surge in the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV). The investment commitment to its utility token, QUBE, is due in large part to its being an artificial intelligence altcoin and its revolutionary idea of ​​solving a critical problem in the industry.

in Quebec It is the world’s first crowdfunding platform established for artificial intelligence companies to raise funds and for investors to obtain the rights and interests of promising projects. Its marketplace will allow investors to invest in AI startups by purchasing decentralized investment opportunities.

Its fractional investment model enhances investor commitment to investment, as its innovative concept allows for fractional ownership of AI startups and removes investment restrictions. In addition, the benefits received as investors and holders further enhance confidence in the project. For example, as one of the fastest growing industries, investors will reap ridiculously high profits by investing early in promising artificial intelligence projects. Additionally, the coin is expected to benefit from the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, which means it will surge higher in the coming months, making it an even more attractive investment.

To participate in the pre-sale, you can click on the link below. Currently in the first phase, the token price is $0.00875.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Experiences Massive Surge During Bitcoin Rise assembly

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) originated as a hard fork of the blockchain to increase the block size limit, making it more scalable by enabling cheaper and faster transactions. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price action has been largely flat this year, hovering below $146 for most of the year.

However, Bitcoin Cash prices rose on June 21 trading Although the price has dropped slightly, it is still above $200. Its rally occurred during a Bitcoin (BTC) rally, showing its dependence.However, despite the upward trend in Bitcoin Cash, investors are still keen to invest or diversify some of their investments in Quebec Because of its huge growth potential.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Rising in tandem with Bitcoin (BTC) beside

Bitcoin SV (BSV) came after the Bitcoin Cash blockchain hard fork, making it one of Bitcoin’s hard forks, if not directly. Bitcoin SV stands for “Bitcoin Satoshi Vision,” an attempt to restore the original vision for Bitcoin as outlined by its creator.

As a hard fork of Bitcoin, Bitcoin SV often mirrors its price action, which is currently rising. After Bitcoin SV’s bearish decline from mid-May to mid-June, Bitcoin SV has regained bullish momentum and has been in price swings.Investors are doubling down on bets despite gains in Quebec.

in conclusion

Despite the proliferation of Bitcoin hard forks such as Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash, in Quebec Has become a shining star, attracting the attention of investors.Its groundbreaking idea combines artificial intelligence with the unlimited potential of blockchain technology and exponential return on investment, leading the way Investors doubled down on bets. As a worthy investment, it has already experienced huge pre-sale participation and will increase further in the coming week. To participate in the pre-sale, click on the link below.

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