December 11, 2023

With the rapid rise of the cryptocurrency market, more and more people are keen to explore cryptocurrencies beyond the typical Bitcoin investment. This burgeoning interest is further fueled by a myriad of projects, each promising a unique value proposition and significant ROI. While the sheer volume of altcoins can be daunting for newbies, this article explores seven of the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now other than bitcoin. From specialized decentralized NFT investments, earn-as-you-go gaming rewards, enhanced DeFi connectivity, to altcoins that revolutionize the rendering process, these tokens offer a diverse portfolio for beginners and seasoned investors alike.

The best cryptocurrency to buy right now isn’t Bitcoin

Besides Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market is full of promising altcoins, each representing a unique value proposition.The seven standout tokens include in Quebec, Pioneered decentralized NFT investing in AI startups; DigiToads, combining earn-as-you-play games with NFTs; Manifold Finance, empowering DeFi connectivity; Ocean Protocol, democratizing data access; Trust Wallet Token, powering popular wallet ecosystem; Render, which revolutionizes the rendering process; and Litecoin, a durable alternative to Bitcoin. These diverse tokens offer profitable investment opportunities for every investor’s portfolio.

Quinbeta (QUBE) Best Altcoins for Decentralized NFT Investing

InQubeta is a game-changing project in the cryptocurrency space that aims to change the way we invest in artificial intelligence startups. With the QUBE token at its core, InQubeta provides an innovative and advanced platform for decentralized investment in artificial intelligence businesses. Its pioneering approach enables even the smallest investors to take a stake in some of the most promising AI projects in the industry.

InQubeta harnesses the power of Web3 to build the world’s first fragmented AI NFT crowdfunding platform. The platform converts investment opportunities into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can then be split and distributed to investors. This revolutionary approach to fundraising means everyone can reap the benefits of AI startup action, democratizing investing and engaging a wider community of stakeholders.

The QUBE token is an integral part of the InQubeta ecosystem. It is a deflationary token, meaning its supply decreases over time due to a burning mechanism. Therefore, 2% of QUBE token sales and 1% of purchases are burned, ensuring scarcity and helping to increase the value of the token over time. Tokens have a vesting period of 12 weeks.

InQubeta has its own custom NFT marketplace that allows AI startups to raise capital and offer rewards and equity-based NFTs to investors. By purchasing QUBE tokens, holders can directly invest in these promising projects, foster a prosperous ecosystem and generate potential returns. Experts predict that the price of QUBE will increase by more than 5 times after the pre-sale.

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Digital Toads (TOADS) – Play-to-Earn (P2E) games and rewards

DigiToads is a full-featured memecoin with unique play-to-earn (P2E) gaming features, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies for beginners looking to delve deeper into the NFT space. The P2E model combined with an engaging web3 game where players collect, breed and battle DigiToads adds an interactive dimension to this cryptocurrency investment. These digital amphibians can be purchased, traded or won, making TOADS tokens an integral part of the gaming ecosystem. These tokens buy a variety of items, including food, potions, and training equipment from DigiToad, creating an engaging virtual environment for players.

This earn-as-you-play feature is not limited to games; it offers players a way to earn TOADS tokens, one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy today. DigiToads games reward the top 25% of players on the leaderboard with TOADS tokens, creating a competitive environment that incentivizes player performance. In addition, 50% of the funds raised from the sale of in-game items will be distributed as bonuses to the top 25% of players. Therefore, the game design caters for a fun and competitive player experience and provides a way for participants to earn cryptocurrency rewards.

Considering the high growth potential of TOADS tokens, they are arguably one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now. For those wondering what cryptocurrencies to invest in, the P2E model is an emerging one, as DigiToads projects offer immediate earning potential through gaming. Additionally, regular prize pools awarded to the game’s top performers highlight the potential rewards for skilled and dedicated players. As the popularity of P2E gaming continues to rise, DigiToads is positioned as a leading project at the innovative intersection of gaming and crypto investing. It’s one of the most promising pre-sales to buy right now, with growth of over 450% in the near future.


Manifold Finance ($FOLD): Enhancing DeFi Connectivity

It is undeniable that the crypto world offers opportunities for beginners, especially those who are keen on DeFi projects. Manifold Finance ($FOLD) is the best cryptocurrency for beginners. $FOLD was born as a middleware product designed to enhance connectivity between DeFi protocols and protect users from MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) attacks, a high-value feature for anyone venturing into crypto . The ability to protect users from MEV attacks is the first product in the Manifold Finance product line. MEV refers to the profit potential brought by changing the order of transactions in a block. In this realm, miners or validators have the power to choose which transactions are included in a block.

$FOLD was chosen as a promising cryptocurrency for beginners, offering security against sandwich attacks (a common MEV attack) through its product OpenMEV. A sandwich attack occurs when a trader makes a trade before and after the victim’s trade and captures the price difference. OpenMEV protects users from such exploits and returns funds and fees to traders. Taking advantage of the MEV opportunity, OpenMEV employs secure smart contract technology to extend services like SushiSwap for end users, which is invaluable for beginner cryptocurrency investors looking for the best cryptocurrency investments.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) – Best Altcoin to Democratize Data Access

OCEAN is an ERC20 token, undoubtedly the leader in the cryptocurrency space, which aims to democratize access to data. The move has the potential to challenge tech giants like Google and Facebook, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now. Ocean Protocol enables data owners to sell their information through the Ocean Marketplace application, providing consumers with previously inaccessible private data. This provides an advantage to AI practitioners and data scientists, allowing them to access more data, cryptocurrency sources, and revenue opportunities.

OCEAN meets the top cryptocurrency buying criteria, and its use of buying and selling data, governance, and staking make it a hot contender. Ocean Protocol was founded in 2017 by Bruce Pon and Trent McConaghy. It aims to democratize data, empower AI, and spread the benefits of AI. The maximum supply of OCEAN is 1.41 billion tokens. A portion is allocated to community projects and consumes a small portion of the network’s revenue – a factor worth considering when deciding on the best cryptocurrency to buy today.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) – Top Cryptocurrency Wallet Ecosystem

For those considering which cryptocurrency to buy, Trust Wallet Token (TWT) should be on the radar. The TWT token is the official token of Trust Wallet, a mobile-based cryptocurrency wallet with extensive support for over 250,000 different assets across 33 blockchains, making it the best crypto investment for anyone looking to make Ideal for people. The “Earn” feature in Trust Wallet allows users to generate passive income with the push of a button. Accessibility is at the heart of Trust Wallet’s design, with no KYC verification or cryptocurrency transaction barriers.

TWT, a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based token, is quickly gaining traction mainly because of the benefits it offers holders. These include participating in governance activities, voting on key decisions on the Trust Wallet app, and receiving discounts on cryptocurrency purchases within the ecosystem—factors worth serious consideration for those who are considering which cryptocurrency to invest in.

Rendering (RNDR): Revolutionizing the rendering process

Render is an innovative platform that revolutionizes the rendering pipeline, connecting artists and GPU providers. This is made possible through the power of blockchain and cutting-edge technology. The platform simplifies the creation of high-quality 3D graphics and animations. Artists can use powerful GPUs to render their work at an affordable cost and use RNDR tokens to pay for rendering services. Applications for the platform span a variety of fields, from movies to games to architecture, making it an exciting prospect for those looking for the best currency to invest in.

The RNDR token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is used as a medium of exchange on the Render network. For those asking “what cryptocurrency should I buy?”, RNDR has an interesting suggestion. This is due to its unique proposition, connecting providers of GPU power to those who need it, combined with its potential to disrupt the rendering industry. By tokenizing GPU power, Render allows miners to monetize their idle resources, making RNDR one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies for individuals looking to invest in transformative projects.

Litecoin (LTC): From Silver to Bitcoin Gold

Since its inception in 2011, Litecoin (LTC) has dominated the cryptocurrency space. “Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold” makes Litecoin one of the best digital currencies to enhance one’s portfolio. Litecoin is an open-source project based on the Bitcoin protocol with several major improvements, such as faster block generation times and a different hashing algorithm.

With its long history in the crypto market and the support of an active developer community, Litecoin remains an attractive option for investors. Buying LTC offers a powerful entry point for those wondering how to get into cryptocurrencies. It is widely used on most cryptocurrency exchanges, has high liquidity, and can be used for various applications, including online shopping and foreign exchange trading. Given these features, Litecoin is undoubtedly one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now.

The best cryptocurrency to buy right now is not Bitcoin – Conclusion

While Bitcoin remains the dominant force in the space, it is clear that the market is full of various promising altcoins that offer unique value propositions. InQubeta, DigiToads, Manifold Finance, Ocean Protocol, Trust Wallet Token, Render, and Litecoin are just a few examples of cryptocurrencies that have taken their place in this vast universe. These tokens represent a range of innovative technologies and concepts, from games that earn money while you play, democratize data access, enhance DeFi connectivity, and fragment NFT investments. Thus, by broadening investment horizons beyond Bitcoin, investors can take advantage of a range of potential return opportunities and help drive the next wave of cryptocurrency innovation.

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