December 8, 2023

While it’s nice to have ice cubes available for cold drinks on hot outings, store-bought bags of ice often melt too quickly and take up cool space that could be used for food. The Evo Icer offers another option in the form of a portable battery-operated ice maker.

The Evo Icer, currently the subject of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, is made by Chinese camping electronics company Flextail.

The device itself measures 11″W x 12.6″D x 12.6″H (279 x 320 x 320mm) and weighs a claimed 20.9lbs (9.5kg). It’s powered by a 200-watt-hour lithium battery, which should do about 30 ice-cube cycles for three hours on a single charge. Each cycle produces 12 ice cubes, unless a smaller amount is selected.

Speaking of which, the Evo Icer can be set to three different output modes: Fast, where it produces 12 cubes in just five minutes; Cup, which only produces a smaller, specified number of cubes; and Eco, in which it prioritizes Consider reducing power usage rather than ice production speed. In all cases, ice cubes are dispensed into a removable food-grade polycarbonate container.

Evo Icer produces 50 decibels of operating noise and operates in ambient temperatures up to 42 ºC (108 ºF)
Evo Icer produces 50 decibels of operating noise and operates in ambient temperatures up to 42 ºC (108 ºF)

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According to Flextail, the Evo Icer has a 70-watt motor and compressor that are “smaller and more efficient” than other ice makers, along with a large cooling fan and three air intakes for cooling. It also uses environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant.

Some of its other features include one-touch cleaning and draining, low water/full ice bucket warnings, and the ability to charge other electronic devices like smartphones. Of course, it should be noted that users either bring their own water for equipment use, or find drinking water sources on the spot.

Assuming Evo Icer goes into production, Pledge $359 will get you one – plans to retail for $549. See it in action in the video below.

FLEXTAIL EVO ICER: Battery Operated Ice Maker

source: Launcher