February 21, 2024

So think about it… your inflatable SUP is that big, flat, sleek thing you carry on your outdoor trips, and if you let out a little air, it becomes quite comfortable. Why not pitch a tent on it? Well, that’s exactly what the Bajao Cabin lets you do – even on the water.

Bajao, currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, was invented by German rower Christopher Mantz.

This is a one-person tent consisting of an inflatable fabric frame covered with an inner polyester mesh liner and an outer waterproof flysheet (the latter made of 40-denier silicone-coated ripstop polyamide).

The frame sits on top of the user’s existing stand-up paddle board, and two pontoon-like inflatable “side tubes” sit on either side of the board—these expand the SUP’s footprint and make it less inclined when lowered into the water.

The tent measures 118
The tent measures 118″L x 34″W x 38.4″H when unfolded (300 x 86 x 100cm)

come down

Needless to say, Mantz recommends that if using the Bajao on water, it should be anchored in very shallow water close to shore. It can also be set up on rocky, rooty, wet or other ground that is not suitable for camping and the SUP acts as a waterproof pad. Of course, since paddle boards are often placed on the roof of the car, they can also go up.

In addition, the tent can be pitched directly on the ground without considering the SUP.yes it Do Has a 150 denier waterproof polyester floor so users won’t be sleeping on dirt. The entire setup is said to tip the scales at 4.8 kg (10.6 lb).

Assuming Bajao Cabin is put into production, Pledge $414 will get you one – plans to retail for $654. It is demonstrated in the video below.

BAJAO Cabin – SUP board tent for you

source: crowdfunding, come down