February 21, 2024

From large retailers to market stall owners, businesses of all sizes in Australia can now accept in-person contactless payments through Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone.

Contactless payments are becoming more common in Australia. From supermarkets to public transport, contactless payment systems are becoming more common, offering a quick and easy way to transact without physical contact. This latest move from Apple better equips businesses in the region to accept Apple Pay, contactless debit and credit cards, and other digital wallets, simply using their iPhones and supported partner iOS application without the need for any payment terminals or other hardware.

Tap to pay can be enabled through a supporting iOS app on an iPhone X running iOS 16.4 or later, or any newer model. Once enabled, merchants must instruct customers to hold an iPhone or Apple Watch close to the merchant’s device to pay with Apple Pay, contactless debit or credit cards, or digital wallets. Payment will then be processed using NFC technology. The Tap to Pay feature will also support PIN entry.

“Australia is a nation of entrepreneurs and innovators, and small and medium enterprises are at the heart of the country’s workforce, employing millions of Australians. Now, more than ever before, with Tap to Pay on iPhone, businesses of any size can It’s easier for everyone to use their iPhones to seamlessly accept contactless payments no matter where they do business,” said Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, in a statement.

“The convenience of Tap to Pay on iPhone allows Australian businesses to offer their customers a simple, secure and private contactless payment experience and help them run and grow their businesses,” she added.

Contactless payments have proliferated since the pandemic and have become the preferred payment method, especially among younger demographics. As it grows in popularity across the globe, it is likely to become the standard payment method.