December 5, 2023

Apple’s original 2007 iPhone, which kickstarted the smartphone market, is now breaking auction records. The original iPhone cost $35,414 in August 2022, $39,339 in October 2022, $63,356 in February 2023, and now $190,373 on Sunday night.

When it comes to collectibles, market forces can sometimes seem overwhelming.

That was the case with Apple’s original iPhone, which broke auction records four times in the past 12 months. August 2022 RR Auctions for $35,414Then $39,339 at LCG Auction on October 16, 2022, February 2023 LCG Auction House Price Rise to $63,356.40(the other goes to Sold for $54,904 at RR Auctions on Mar 16, 2023) eventually fetched $190,373 at the LCG auction on Sunday night.

What’s more, there’s no guarantee the phenomenon has fully played out, as the number of unopened original 2007 iPhones may not have run out, and the market has already designated it as one of the most important tech collectibles of all time.