December 8, 2023

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Our Monday show covers the latest tech news from the weekend as well as headlines from earlier in the week. This time we came here on a Tuesday due to a US holiday! Here’s the outline:

  • Global stock markets were mixed, and central banks adjusted interest rates to adjust their domestic economies. The crypto world is silent.
  • Alibaba’s shakeup: The Chinese tech conglomerate’s chief executive is stepping down from that role to run its cloud business, one of the businesses the company is shedding.
  • Intel managed pull out a handsome bag from Germany in exchange for building a factory in that country.
  • OpenAI is Efforts to limit impact EU regulation of AI for its products and services.
  • no one wants Big purchase of Tiger’s startup stakeso it’s reduced to selling odds and ends to whoever needs them.
  • Go-Ventures, now renamed Argor Capital, has a new $240 million fund.
  • Yellow and ElevenLabs raised capital as Byju’s laid off staff.

We will be back early tomorrow morning! talk to you later!

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Alibaba leadership changes, OpenAI lobbying EU regulators, late-stage market messBy Alex Wilhelm Originally Posted on TechCrunch