February 21, 2024

While there’s no substitute for a big, strong, super-secure bike lock in high-theft-risk situations, sometimes a lighter, more compact lock is just a little more practical. This is where the Abus CombiFlex TravelGuard comes in.

The TravelGuard is the latest in the growing field of bike locks, designed for users who park their bikes for short periods of time – within sight of where they’re sitting or standing – and who don’t want to drag their bikes around. Big, heavy locks, if they don’t need to.

A good example would be a cafe or bar patio where someone stops on the sidewalk on the way back from a casual ride.

Even though their bike might be parked a few feet away, a passing thief can still grab it and ride away in no more than a few seconds…if it’s not locked up. However, if a would-be thief sees that it takes them half a minute or so to crack a relatively trivial lock, they know they are likely to be detected and stopped.

The lock can also be used to secure the helmet to a parked bike
The lock can also be used to secure the helmet to a parked bike

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In terms of specs, the TravelGuard comes with a 45-centimeter (17.7-inch) cable—that wraps and tightens around the bike frame and adjacent stationary objects—and a resettable 3-position combination lock cylinder. The strap has a solid steel core and is rubber coated to keep it from scratching or chipping the bike’s paint…plus, the rubber is another thing to cut through.

The entire shebang is said to weigh 80 grams (2.8 ounces) and is available in red, yellow and black for $34.99. Potential buyers might also want to look at the somewhat similar Z Lok or Ottolok, or even a helmet strap integrated Cappuccino.

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