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Best Nonviolent Video Game

The 50 Best Nonviolent Video Games (Updated 2023)

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One man’s mushroom stomper is another man’s fungus killer.

So it might not be entirely true to say that each of these games is completely devoid of any violence issues. But for the most part, they’re really non-violent games, and of course, nothing that comes close to the reality of many modern “shooters”. Violence is also a matter of degree, if not interpretation.

In the past, many nonviolent games were simply not fun. Today, that’s no longer the case — the list of eligible matches is growing.Whether you are looking for Best Games for Game-Based Learning Or just for fun, any of these games represent impressive design achievements and are definitely worth playing.

Now, if they really like the game — in an era dominated by Fortnite and frenetic action, social, and “always-on” gaming environments — depends on their state of mind and what they expect from the game. Due to the nature of video games and what kids like, this list needs to be updated intermittently, which makes including screenshots, videos, descriptions, and animated images more meaningful to most teachers.

A few notes on the list

Note: The criterion here is that you don’t consider games like Super Mario or Minecraft to be “violent”, even though technically there are behaviors in those games that could be considered violent. It’s about tone and intent and how “violence” is framed: playful and minimalist aesthetics, for example. Or almost as an afterthought, if it exists in core game mechanics. That’s why none of the excellent Legend of Zelda games made the list.

Obviously, if you’re planning to buy any of these games, check out the developer’s website or YouTube for gameplay videos to make sure you know what you’re getting.

We’re starting with the Nintendo Switch, because it’s probably the best major platform for non-violent video games as of 2022. We also tried to focus on non-sports video games because — well, otherwise the list would likely be dominated by sports games. We did include some obvious games such as FIFA, MLB: The Show, and NBA 2K, although each of these games has bits and pieces that you as a parent or teacher may or may not find problematic, depending on Your background and tolerance levels.

We also try to limit each game series (such as Pokemon) to one game to ensure we collect the best non-violent video games available to a variety of players and students.

None of these games are “learning games” or related apps like Sesame Street, Dr. Panda, Toca Life: School, Marco Polo, etc. – meaning these are actual video games with (mostly) traditional game mechanics.

While this is not absolute, this list was created for children 8 years and older

Finally, for some games (like Minecraft) that are available on multiple platforms. For most people we only include them on one system, even if it’s available it’s probably just as good on another, and in some cases the following are included on multiple platforms.

Finally, the links below are affiliate links. You can read more about our affiliate policy here.

The 50 Best Nonviolent Video Games (Updated 2022)

Best Nonviolent Video Games for Nintendo Switch


Developer description: “Escape from a deserted island and create your own paradise by exploring, creating and customizing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Your island retreat is rich with natural resources for crafting everything from tools to creature comforts.” Everything in the facility. You can hunt insects at dawn, decorate your paradise throughout the day, or watch the sunset while fishing at the beach. Times of day and seasons match real life, so every day on your island It’s an opportunity to stay in and discover new surprises all year round.”

2. Super Mario Maker 2

Developer Notes:

3. Splatoon 2

Developer Notes:

4. Super Mario Odyssey

Developer Notes:

5. Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter

Developer Notes:

6. Damacy Reroll

Developer Notes:

7. Pokemon: Let’s go Pikachu!

8. Just Dance 2022

Tetris Effect: Connect

9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

10. Mario and Sonic at the 2020 Olympics

11. Yoshi’s Crafted World

12. super mario party

14. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

15. Super Mario 3D All-Stars

16. donut county

17. soul of the north

18. Luigi’s Mansion 3

19. Yoshi’s Crafted World

20. Kirby Allies

21. Paper Mario The Origami King

22. Pikmin 3

23. Fes

24. Stardew Valley

25. Rocket League

26. Minecraft

27. Star Wars Pinball

28. Civilization VI

29. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2

30. Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

The Best Nonviolent Video Games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

31. Gran Turismo Sport

Developer Notes:

32. rock band 4 (also consider Guitar Hero)

Developer Notes:

33. Crash Team: Nitro Fuel

Developer Notes:

34. stardew valley

Developer Notes:

35. flower

Developer Notes:

36. Journey

37. Fez

38. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

39. Tetris Effect

40. Dream

41. Little Big Planet 3

42. The MLB Show

43. Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

44. Witnesses

45. Civilization VI

46. ​​Night in the Woods

47. FIFA 21

48. NBA 2K22

49. my world

Developer Notes:

50. Dear Esther

51. Sackboy: Big Adventure

The Best Nonviolent Video Games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X

1. Portal 1/ Portal 2

Developer Notes:

Note: As we’ve emphasized, what constitutes a “violent” video game is not universal – this is especially true of the Portal series. If you play the single player campaign, the final boss sequence requires the player to defeat the robot/AI, in part by sending their own rockets back to it using a portal. This certainly leans towards the “violent” definition, but the game’s overall theme, tone, and mechanics emphasize problem solving, analysis, spatial thinking, cause and effect, and more. So while it does “have” some violence, it doesn’t fall under what we would call a “violent video game”.

You can always check out gameplay videos on YouTube to see and decide for yourself.

2. City skyline

Developer Notes:

3. Assassin’s Creed: Origins or Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (Museum/Exploration Mode)

Both are fundamentally undervalued in terms of game-based learning potential, and in the aforementioned museum/exploration mods, are simple guided tours of ancient places and cultures (in these cases, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece) .

4. Disneyland Adventures

Developer Notes:

5. Zoo Tycoon

Developer Notes:

6. Bridge Builder

Developer Notes:

7. The Old Man’s Journey

Developer Notes:

8. Super Baseball 2

Developer Notes:

9. Forza Horizon 4

The Best Nonviolent Video Games for iOS

1. Super Mario Run

Developer Notes:

2. Civilization VI

Developer Description: Students develop civilizations across millennia as they learn about diplomacy, important historical figures, and the patterns and trends that lead to social change.

3. The Sims 4

Developer Notes:

Best Non-Violent Video Games for Android

4. Democracy 3

5. Pokemon Go

More Examples of Nonviolent Video Games

Tetris 99

Wikipedia describes: “Tetris 99 is a multiplayer puzzle game where 99 players play against each other at the same time, and the goal is to be the last remaining player. “

7. Minecraft

Our Description: Craft…

8. Never Alone

Developer Notes:

9. Turtle Road

Developer Notes:

12. The Garden Between

13. The Talos Principle

14. Simulate city construction

15. The Children We Used to Be

16. Sky: Children of the Light

17. Florence

18. Harvest Moon

19. Farming Simulator 2019

20. Sonic Dash

21. a

23. X-Plane Starship

69. old man’s journey

Cost: $7.99 (one-time; no in-app purchases)

Description: Instead of including a developer description, we will explain why “Old Man’s Journey” is included. In short, game-based learning is underused, and games like this one are a perfect example of game development. We could—and hope—to include two or three other games on this list, but using video games for learning can be difficult for many to focus on and/or engage with, so we’re limiting it to just one. Just know that there are over 100 games that can change everything in your classroom, no matter the grade or content area, and this is just one (excellent) example.

platform: iOS, Android, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Steam

70-80: Tumble, Amazing Alex, World of Goo, Super Monkey Ball, Puddle, Pid, ​​Ico, Braid, Katamari Damacy, That Dragon Cancer, Inside

The 50 Best Nonviolent Video Games (Updated 2023)