December 9, 2023

For college students, internships are the gateway to amazing careers. Internships are an excellent opportunity for young professionals to gain and develop skills, network and prove themselves to be hard workers.

Want to stand out in the internship and become the best intern in the company? Follow the steps below to become an unforgettable intern:

1. Earn respect

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When you start your internship, it’s important to remember that you’re here to pay your dues, just like everyone else in the company. Know your value to the company, but don’t cross the line! Your main goal is to assist and learn from your superiors.

Some people may find it unbearable to enter a company because they know they are at the bottom of the totem pole, but it is important that you let go of your pride. Commit to being the best employee you can be, and your bosses will notice you!

Don’t qualify. Respect isn’t given; it’s earned. Remember this.

As we mentioned above, you pay your dues and learn there. Come into the office and bring out your highest potential every day, and respect will come.

2. Walk in like you have something to lose

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Now, we’re not saying you need to act like you’re walking on eggshells, but you have to be calm and collected in the workplace. You should come to work each day with a positive attitude, ready to work smart!

There’s a big difference between working hard and working smart. Working hard means that there is no problem working more than eight hours a day. Working smart is organizing your 10-hour workday into 8-hour shifts.

Productivity is extremely important, and if you lose an hour or two a day surfing the web or looking at your phone, your manager may lose patience and fire you.

3. Realize that no project is too big

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Imagine a co-worker is going on vacation this week and has left you with a huge list of things to do while he’s away. At the bottom of the list, he left a note saying, “It would be great if you could finish at least a third of this list by the end of the week.”

Now, instead of working at a slow pace, imagine you have the entire checklist by Wednesday and ask your boss for another project. It’s this work ethic that makes you a great intern and an ideal candidate for future entry-level positions.

As an intern, don’t be afraid to take on a big project! This is an opportunity to show them what you’re capable of.

4. Never complain (everything is a learning experience)

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Understand that not every task you need to complete will be glamorous. There will be tasks that can drag you down, but don’t — we repeat, don’t — complain about doing the work. You never want to be seen as ungrateful at the office.

It’s important to look at everything in a positive light. Even if the task you’re working on is small, think of it as something your superiors trust you with and that only you can accomplish. Everything can have a positive twist.

5. Communicate with colleagues

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All good and memorable interns successfully network with colleagues. The office is filled with professionals with years of experience. Every day, you should make a conscious effort to try to incorporate another professional’s opinion. An easy way to do this is to take them out for coffee during the day. Coffee is cheap and fast. Make sure you treat them well and let them know you appreciate their time.

If you do this a few times a week throughout your internship, you will have countless contacts and an immeasurable knowledge of the industry.

Now that you have your guide to being an unforgettable intern, apply what you’ve learned and prove to your employer why you’re the best.

Stand out from the competition and land a full-time position!

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