December 2, 2023

Columbus, Ohio ranks ninth in the U.S. by 2022 Most Affordable Cities. This ranking is largely due to the region’s affordable housing and the fact that the overall cost of living remains about the same 11% reduction higher than the national average.

However, one of the most often overlooked aspects of Columbus’s appeal is access to many incredible career options. With well-known healthcare, retail and insurance brands located in the city, countless opportunities in various fields are available to professionals of all levels.

Why should I consider a career in IT in Columbus, Ohio?

The technology industry is the fastest growing industry in the Columbus area today.The city is rapidly becoming Tech Hub of the Midwest.

Not only are top tech companies with offices in Columbus looking for talent in the city, but organizations in other key sectors are also looking for professionals who can deliver and support cutting-edge technology solutions for their clients.

Here, we’ve listed ten of the hottest tech jobs in Columbus today.

Top 10 IT Jobs in Columbus, Ohio

1. Full Stack Developer, Senior – NetJets

NetJets operates the largest and most diverse fleet of private jets in the world. With bespoke private aviation solutions designed to exceed the standards of the world’s most discerning travelers, the organization is known for its unwavering commitment to safety, service and unparalleled global access.

Senior full-stack developers will work on designing, debugging, developing, testing and supporting new and existing software enhancements. The ideal candidate will enjoy meeting with clients to understand processes and needs, and then translate those needs into actionable solutions.

2. Senior Software Engineer – Central Insurance

Central Insurance is a national insurance company specializing in property insurance business. Central has invested heavily in technology and is building a world-class digital product team to help leverage technology and drive continued growth.

as a Senior Software Engineer, you will work to support Central’s internal data management, quickly and accurately adapting the software to comply with regulatory requirements and changing business needs. You’ll also help identify modernization opportunities and work with dedicated .NET professionals to create robust, intuitive data processing systems to store, update and select relevant data in support of our policy and internal ratings teams.

3. Engineer, Cloud-Kubernetes- Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle is a restaurant chain specializing in fast-casual Mexican cuisine with more than 3,000 restaurants worldwide. The company has entered the Fortune 500 list and has been recognized as one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies for its leadership and innovation in the large food industry.

Cloud Engineers will research, implement, and automate enterprise-wide architecture-based technology solutions for restaurants. They will focus on those enterprise businesses specifically related to containerization and kubernetes.

4. Product Owner – Data Platform – Central Insurance

Central Insurance is a commercial and personal lines insurance company with over 145 years of experience and strong financial stability. The organization is looking for technical experts to help build the company’s next-generation cutting-edge technology platform.

as a product owner, you will play a key role in a product team focused on data and analytics transformation. Working closely with data product managers and various business stakeholders, you will work to understand future direction and priorities and translate them into an executable roadmap for the near term. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with other technical teams on cutting-edge developments in policy management, claims, billing and ratings to identify and track dependencies and coordinate data and software releases.

5. Full Stack Software Developer – pearson

Pearson develops training and seminar programs that support continuing education and lifelong learning. They also develop and support GED testing services.

Full-stack developers will work on site tools and features to help the company’s global network of learners earn their high school diplomas. Specifically, this person will build features and tools for the Pearson website as part of an agile team setup.

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6. Senior DevOps Engineer – Central Insurance

Central Insurance is a nationally known insurance company that underwrites property and casualty insurance through its network of premium agency partners.

as a Senior Development Engineer, you will integrate software project functionality and resources throughout the software life cycle. As a mentor and individual contributor, you will have the opportunity to introduce various automation tools to the team, helping to eliminate manual tasks and increase software development efficiency. You’ll also have the opportunity to help define and implement continuous delivery and release strategies, guide less experienced engineers in technology selection, and provide critical system status feedback to technical leads and engineering managers.

7. Software Engineer – Chemical Abstracts Service

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) is the scientific information solutions division of the American Chemical Society. Its goal is to integrate technology, science and human expertise to help companies develop breakthrough innovations, while striving to provide scientific and scientific insights to innovators around the world.

Software Engineers will work on developing software applications, services and systems to enhance certain search and correlation functions and outcomes in CAS products and solutions. They will also have the opportunity to work with the product owner on the development sprint.

8. Senior Data Engineer – Central Insurance

Central is a leading national insurance company, utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide first-class insurance products to individual and commercial policyholders. Central’s DevOps team oversees the integration of technical operations and infrastructure aspects to support the software, and senior engineer will play a key role in how we innovate.

as a Senior Data Engineer, you will develop and maintain data infrastructure, build data pipelines, and automate data cleaning and feature extraction processes, all of which will contribute to Central’s data science codebase. You will also be responsible for the scope, schedule, cost and quality of data engineering projects and for achieving key business objectives and sustainable business outcomes.

9. Data Scientist/Modeler II – fighting

Batelle works with companies of all types and sizes, providing critical services including research and development, national laboratory management, designing and manufacturing products, and more.

Data Scientist/Modeler II will lead the model development and data analysis program related to inhalation, indigestion, skin and radiation exposure hazards, response to CBRE events, and decision support. They will rely on rigorous mathematical and statistical analysis from large datasets to accomplish these tasks.

10. Senior Software Engineer – Mainframe – Central Insurance

Central is a national insurance company that utilizes advanced technological tools to provide best-in-class products to policyholders across our range of personal and business insurance.

as a Senior Software Engineer, you will be part of a team designed to support the underlying systems on which business runs today, helping to scale this growing financial services company. In this role, you will select design patterns, mentor young engineers, conduct peer reviews, and provide feedback to engineering managers on system health.

InsurTech jobs at Central Insurance

Finding an IT job in Columbus, Ohio may not be difficult, but finding correct Technical roles absolutely are.

While Central may be best known as an insurance company, our fast-growing InsurTech division offers exciting opportunities for professionals looking to make a personal impact through their work.

Staff on the Central InsurTech team are energized by the opportunity to innovate and find taking a project from idea to idea to implementation a welcome and exciting challenge. They have the right to own their projects from start to finish, and we demonstrate this trust by keeping red tape and bureaucracy to a minimum.

More importantly, Central combines 147-year-old organization As startups culture and grow, we are able to scale and grow at the pace of the ever-evolving tech industry. We have the rare benefit of being large enough to provide the resources and support our technical teams need, while being small enough that our employees never feel like a number or a cog in a machine . Our size keeps us agile and adaptable, and provides our people with opportunities to grow as leaders and technologists not readily available in larger organizations.

Central’s values ​​of excellence, integrity and relationships go beyond day-to-day work and are embedded in policies that directly impact the employee experience. Central recently launched a new company-wide mental health benefit that gives employees free access to a mental health professional if they need it.

In June 2022, the company also announced a Industry-Leading Paid Time Off The program is more competitive than 75% of all organizations in the technology industry – an industry renowned for its technical excellence generous benefits. The change includes paid maternity and paternity leave, competitive vacation packages, generous Bereavement Policyand more.

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